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Hello Friends,
Welcome to the world of Sunil Saharan. A world where knowledge meets opinions. You may or may not agree with my opinions here but this is your chioce and I respect your opinions. Here I've tried to create a world where everyone can get something. You may share your opinion with the world and may read what other poeple thinks. This site is created to focus on three primary goals: The Prime Goal of this site is to Share My Articles on Technical Topics like Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering bla bla bla and to share articles of my friends including peoples who want to write for the students in need of quality matter on topics of Engineering line. The world has become very small with the advance of technology and this is my try to let the technical skills blossom in you with the help of technology available.
Side by side I'va tried to exchane opinions on various subjects that seems important for spiritual and logical growth of an individual. These includes from discussion on current affairs to something that seems impossible.
Friends, I hope you will like my efforts to create a free space to encourage people for shouting their opinions.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Sunil Saharan
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Sunil SaharanAn Engineer

I'm Sunil Saharan, An Electrical Engineer by chance and a Web developer by choice. I love HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap and PHP off course. This site is my effort to share my little knowlege with the world.

Those who had coins, enjoyed in the rain. Those who had notes, were busy looking for shelter.

-- Unknown
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