Who is Sunil Saharan ? Friends, Sunil Saharan is a name you may give to any face you see in your daily life. Personely speaking I'll never mind if I don't have an identity but I am happy if my work in any way is entertaining you or is helpful in improving your knowledge. Anyway if you seriously want to know about me then following links may be helpful to you.
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What is Sunil Saharan's World ? Friends,
Sunil Saharan's World is a leading platform to share what you know and to learn from what others know. This project was started in March 2011 by Me (Sunil Saharan, Currently Webmaster of This Site) to share my knowledge and My Opinions with others. According to My Views
"Knowledge is something that should be shared because it sharpen your mind and memory as well as mind of the person who is listning/reading to you."
So, it is my motto to share knowledge via online platform and I am very happy that other members are very hard working and now I have a good number of articles, opinions, Posts and other material at this bsite that you can access free of cost to boost your concept and knowledge level. We strongly recommonded two things
  • Take Online quiz for free on My Quiz Section, so that you may enhance your knowledge.
  • Submit your Articles, opinions here, so that others may enhance their knowledge.
Why Only This Website ? This articles, opinions and other information here is free hand writtings and can be helpful for you to have access to different opinions of the society which can further help you to answer normally asked questions in various compititive exams and to broaden your thinking. Why you should use this site when there are number of other websites on net that you may use to read opinions and other articles? Here are some reasons why you should use Sunil Saharan's World:
  • Driven by Members Sunil Saharan's World is created and maintained by Me (Sunil Saharan) but it is designed to be driven by its members where members of the site can work at various levels including Editors, Webmasters and Administrator. So it is one of a very few platforms that is managed and run by members of this site along with the creator of the site. The articles/posts/information you are seeing here are submitted by our members and are approved by senior members or moderators. See My Team for more information about members and webmaster of the online portal, Sunil Saharan's World
  • Fast This site is written in PHP-Mysql, so it is very fast in operation so it save lot of your time.
What I will Earn ? We are living in the era of science (Educated People call by this name, I call it age of selfishness). I believe if I don't know you then chances that I will do something for you for free are very small. Of cource I am earning many things from this portal. It includes a numbers of friends, popularity, a good name in online world and off course $ (Yes it is Dollar Sign) from Google Adsense . I hope it is enough to answer your query for now.
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Sunil SaharanAn Engineer

I'm Sunil Saharan, An Electrical Engineer by chance and a Web developer by choice. I love HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap and PHP off course. This site is my effort to share my little knowlege with the world.

Knowledge Speaks, but Wisdom Listens.

-- Jimi Hendrix
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