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Who we are ? Before starting advertising I'd like to tell you something about Us. We are a group of some people who believe that knowledge is incomplete before you share it with someone and in current world Online Way of Sharing it is best way to do so.
So our prime goal is to put some really exciting educational Articles/Posts on this site and all other things are secondary.
We are members of a rapidly growing community and we believe in the fact that knowledge you get during your self practise is easiest and the best way to learn something new.
This is the concept we have applied in this website. We have added information in multiple forms like Articles, Posts, Pictures and much more here at Sunil Saharan's World for you for free. So we are basically a knowledge sharing platform for students and people who are looking for a job. Here people may submit their Articles/Posts/Information too and read such articles submitted by other members.
How You can advertise? Currently as we are new in internet world and our visitors are increasing rapidly we offer two type of advertising programs to interested parties.
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    You may place a fixed image or a text based ad on our website and we offer lowest cost per month on the net.
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    If you believe that placing fixed ad is not a good idea you may ask us to place an ad with cost per page view or ad view.

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Sunil SaharanAn Engineer

I'm Sunil Saharan, An Electrical Engineer by chance and a Web developer by choice. I love HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap and PHP off course. This site is my effort to share my little knowlege with the world.

क्रोध से भ्रम पैदा होता है, भ्रम से बुद्धि व्यग्र होती है, जब बुद्धि व्यग्र होती है तब तर्क नष्ट हो जाता है, जब तर्क नष्ट होता है तब व्यक्ति का पतन हो जाता है।

Anger Leads To Illusion, The Intellect Is Troubled By The Illusion, When The Intellect Is Anxious, Then The Logic Is Destroyed, When The Logic Is Destroyed Then The Person Gets Crushed.

-- श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता
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