Economical considerations of Renewable Sources of Energy

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This article deals with the economical considerations of Renewable sources of energy. It shows how Renewable systems are cheap instead of their costly installations.
When we talk about Renewable sources of energy, first thing that comes in our mind is cost of installation. Most of the Renewable sources of energy are very costly in installation period i.e. they have very high capital investment during installation.
People normally compare the investment with the outcome immediately after installation and this is where they get it wrong. A Renewable source of energy have very little cost of maintenance and have almost zero cost of running. Hence your investment will give you return for almost 30 to 40 years with negligible capital expansion.
For example let you have invested Rs. 1 lakhs in setting up a solar plant of 2kW at your home. Then it will give you electricity for almost 30 years with little cost of battery replacement per year. Hence free electricity for 30 years in 2 lakh rupees is not a big deal specially in a society where price of electricity are rising exponentially and reliability on power companies are low.
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